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Join computer mind - Get full Franchise Support
If right now, you are trying to decide which institute you should partner with for starting your own franchise, we will advise you to give this decision all the attention it deserves.

This could be the single most important decision you will EVER make about your business. Don't be influenced by what others have done (if you do what they have, you can only expect to get what they will; if you want to get ahead of them, you would rather think something better), don't be influenced by glossy advertisements.

Believe only one person: yourself. After all it is YOUR money, time & effort. Invest some quality time. Do some serious research and then make a decision.

Consider computer mind. Read the information on this website. Talk to our people. Compare with what you can get elsewhere. You might end up concluding that partnering with computer mind would be your first smart move to rise above the crowd, three feet above the crowd.

Computer mind offers Franchisees an incredible business opportunity. We are actively working to set up computer mind Franchisees across the country. We are the undisputable leader in Hardware and Networking, Account and Finance, Software programs training.

We provide you with a complete roadmap to success, from start to finish: everything you need to create, operate, develop and make your business successful.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider us:

1. Others only teach networking. We do it everyday - for people you can trust:
If you have a legal problem, whom would you like to trust - a fresh topper from law faculty or an advocate who has been practicing law in a real court?

COMPUTER MIND is a trade mark of MU Computer mind Edutech (p) ltd. We do networking for people you can trust - clients such as IBM, Airtel, Wipro, Sony, Microsoft, HP, TCS, CMC, MTNL, BSNL, VSNL and Indian Railways.

We know what exactly industry is looking for in the people we train. That is one of the reasons we claim, we produce industry-ready professionals, not tech-coolies. We don't just teach networking. We do it, everyday - for people you can trust.

2. We produced industry ready professionals not tech coolies:
Just like all advocates are not created equal, all networking professionals who come out of institutes are not created equal. Most institutes do not produce real professionals.

We aim at producing real networking professionals with a scalability approach. Scalability approach means that you start at a certain level and keep growing continuously. Growth in what you know and what you earn becomes a part of your system.

This does not happen by default. We have worked hard on it. What we teach is different. The depth in which we cover every component of what we teach is different. The people who teach it are different. How they teach is different. We have attempted becoming world-class at a hundred different aspects of delivering the whole thing.

3. If you do what everyone is doing, you will get what everyone is getting. We are highly selective and can make you a part of a small group of highly talented & profitable institutions.
One definition of insanity is - doing what everyone is doing and expecting different results. If you do what everyone is doing, you can expect to get what everyone will get. If you choose to be part of the crowd, if you choose to join the rat race, you will be a part of the crowd. Even if you win the rat race, you will still be, well, a rat.

We are not doing what everyone is doing. We do not compete on size. We do not follow an open door policy. We do not take everyone who walks in with the view that everyone who walks in will add to our revenue. We aim at producing top-notch professionals and that cannot happen if we take everyone.

We are selective because unlike most of our competitors, we do not follow an open door policy. We aim at taking a limited number of partners and transform them into most sought after and profitable institutions.