Our Facilities

Computer Mind - Kanpur being located at the hub of modern education of Northern India - Kanpur. Provides an excellent academic environment for individual development. Its peaceful learning environment makes one feel at home.

The Library - The Centre of Knowledge & Learning ::-
The libraries at the institute are not just an amalgamation of titles, reports, newspapers, journals and magazines but something more than that. We encourage students to read a lot, because until they become good readers and initiators of change. Computer Mind are places where cartography plays a very important role. Since the whole world is our playing field, it's imperative that students and faculty have the world in front of them. Computer Mind a spirit of questioning through note making and follow-up discussion in class with the faculty. The Computer Mind at each campus is networked and runs on latest application and search software. The search does not take much time to locate a particular title but the search for knowledge takes time and patience at the reading tables. Often, you'll find Director's joining you because they too are first students and then resource speakers.

Placement Cell ::-
Success comes to those who believe in themselves and tend to follow the non-traditional path to achieve their goal. Successful career is not a matter of happening but consciously driven efforts to make things happen which bring them closer to their objective.
A professional should have vision, contemporary knowledge, leadership skills and an accelerative drive to achieve excellence. Our career-planning cell focuses on delivering and sharpening these skills through development programs. Also by having continuous interaction with industry, we keep abreast with the happening around us to widen our knowledge base.
In a world where markets change in nanoseconds, knowledge is a source of competitive advantage. A look at our innovative curriculum reveals cutting edge focus on Technology, managing emerging markets, coping with variant cultures, leadership, entrepreneurship and change management – representing core areas of relevance in grooming tomorrow’s business leaders.
Students at Computer Mind continue to surpass the expectation of the recruiters and bring to the table diverse skill sets that make them an asset to any organization they choose to join. At Computer Mind we proudly boast of top notch companies based at Kanpur and National Capital Region of Delhi visiting us each year for hiring

Industrial Visits ::-
As a part of course curriculum Computer Mind is taken to the industrial establishment for their hands-on exposure of industrial life. This activity is directed to make the budding experience the difference between academia and real industrial life. Meaningful interaction between executives and students enriches the conceptual base of trainees .

Students Activity Cell ::-
It guides and motivates students to keep on organizing H/W Networking quizzes, debates, simulation games and such other extra curricular activities which go a long way in grooming their personalities. They are also guided to organize inter-management institutes meet at curricular and extra curricular levels. The cell provides recreational facilities in the form of In-door games, Gymnasium and others.

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